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AC Problems: When to Call the Tech

AC Problems: When to Call the Tech

Air conditioning problems never seem to occur at convenient times. Often, it is an extremely hot summer day that pushes a poorly maintained system beyond its capabilities. These down times can be avoided with a few common checks you can do, so you are not left in the heat!

In our experience our techs have found a few common issues that you as the homeowner can be in front of before they become bigger and costly problems.


Common Issues Our Tech’s See:


Q1.The outside condenser is running louder than normal. Should I call a technician? 

A noisy AC is a good indicator that something is not right. This could be an issue with the compressor or condenser fan, which can compromise the system’s efficiency of your system.

This noise should not go unnoticed, and should have a refrigerant tech diagnose the problem as soon as possible. 

A: Yes - Call in a tech! 

Q2: My condenser unit is plugged.

Many calls we go to we find buildup of dirt, popular fuzz in the condenser fins that restricts the air flow. We recommend getting your condenser professionally cleaned once a year to prevent any downtime. 

A: Yes - book a maintenance visit once a year to avoid the problem altogether.  

Q3: I’m getting hot and cold spots and stuffy air. 

This is likely caused by a dirty air filter causing restricted Air Flow from your AC Unit. Filters should be changed on a monthly basis. A second common issue is the A-coil being plugged and needs to be cleaned. A plugged air filter or A-coil will cause high utility costs due to the AC system running longer trying to reach the desired temperature setting.

A: Try changing the filter. If that doesn’t work - get in touch. 

Q4: My AC won’t run.

Did you check the breaker in the panel? On occasion, the circuit breaker can trip and cause your AC unit to stop working. If you find this to be your issue the breaker can be flipped back, and your unit should start running again. 

If this problem remains a second time, call a service tech to diagnose. This could also be the main disconnect switch for the furnace that may have been turned off by accident, which is usually located in your mechanical room and labelled furnace.

 A: Try the breaker. If it still doesn’t work, call a technician.

Q5: The thermostat is not working.

Sometimes the problem is something so simple, your thermostat may need a fresh set of batteries. Look for a battery symbol or light on your thermostat indicating the batteries need to be changed.

A: Do it yourself. 

Q6: You notice water around your unit.

If you notice water around the indoor unit (Furnace) and it is not likely it came from another water source. Your drain line is likely plugged. It could also be a much more serious issue such as a refrigerant leak, which could lead to costly repairs. Leaks should not go unnoticed, and should have a refrigerant tech diagnose the problem as soon as possible. 

A: Call in a technician. Don’t delay. 


The best way to avoid these down times is to make sure your air conditioning system is well maintained. Regular scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning systems can reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by 30% while reducing wear and tear and improving the life expectancy of your equipment. 

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